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In the Railway Field Bisiach&Carrù is specialised in welding and assembly automation systems. further details:   go to technical details

Within Aerospace Field, Bisiach&Carrù is specialised in drilling and riveting automation systems. for more details: go to the technical details
  • Railway industry
  • Aerospace Industry
Bisiach&Carrù was founded in 1955 and has a 60 years experience in welding by now. It started its robotic activity 35 years ago and has quickly gained a world leading position. Success earned thanks to many plants which conveyed leading European and American OEMs experts to Bisiach&Carrù. Established and consolidated its leadership position for "Innovation Technology" by participating in three different EU projects such as IEP, Bisiach&Carrù represents an evolution milestone for research and development in technology state of the art through the intensive work in advanced design imbued to its ongoing and upcoming future. Bisiach&Carrù carries on that mechatronic approach that has led to what today has been defined a masterpiece of engineering.  

The XXI century biggest welding innovation on wheels:

The new Bisiach&Carrù laser robot is able to perform a broad range of machining operations It is equipped with an automatic device for tools exchanging and can execute welding operations through a CO2 laser beam; it can also perform traditional RW-resistance welding MIG/MAG, mechanical milling operations with an high-speed spindle, measurements of special processing, and off-line programming.

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